Virtual Reality

RealBeam offers products and services on all latest Virtual Reality platform. We create immersive experience to engage the users

VR products

Augmented Reality

RealBeam offers products and Service on Augmented Reality (AR) and turns the environment around you into a digital interface

AR products

3D Visualisation

RealBeam creates 3D models, Animations and Architectural high quality Visualisations, Renderings and Walkthroughs

3D Services

Virtual reality is disrupting industries, creating new user behaviors and possibilities


About us

RealBeam is established in 2016 and is a registered firm based in Bangalore, the IT city of India. 

We have acquired a comprehensive knowledge on various aspects of building - from sketch proposals to detailed design. Our competencies are continuously developed through close collaboration with customers, partners and experts.

The team is inspired and skilled to create sustainable designs. It's driven by virtues of leadership, team-work and excellence.

We understand global issues and help to drive best return on investments economically, socially, environmentally and artistically. Making these connections, we deliver enduring value that raises the quality of life for individuals and the community.

As an establishment with strong architectural practice, our mission is to envision future designs today with a strong focus on creating and sustaining harmony within the environment. We have a strong fundamental approach to design throughout all disciplines, that delivers high quality, innovative and sustainable design creating economic value to the client. The team at NDC is capable of designing projects of all types, from contemporary individual use residential villas to large-scale integrated urban residential schemes, from dedicated corporate office space to multi-use commercial complexes and from hotels to industrial parks.

Our multi-disciplinary in-house approach ensures that we have the capacity to provide full services for a variety of projects from the initial visioning, research/analysis, and public engagement stages; to design, project management, and through to implementation. We also complement our planning services with architecture, engineering, systems, and other tasks required to complete complex projects

The era of 2D design, representations are over and it’s time to welcome the 3D era. We take that step ahead in creating design representations of your real-estate projects offering a sneak-peek of both the exterior and interior look of the end-design. Our wide service range includes 3D Rendering and 3D walk-through solutions.

We recognize that Virtual Reality is truly the next revolution in visualization. We are developing the use of VR and Augmented Reality in the practice of architecture as well as three-dimensional applications across a range of evolving industries.

Our Approach

Through dialogue  combined with exploration of the potential, possibilities we are able to define a design brief which sets out a clear understanding of the project, reflecting the client’s true ambitions and requirements.

Ideas are converted into concepts, meeting the clients requirements, through a collaborative synergy involving all team members and the client. The concepts realize into design with 3D models and sketches.

A holistic approach towards physical setting, the social, organizational & emotional elements of the project and the aesthetic internal and external ambiance is involved in building designs.  Sustainable design is at the core of every project.

  • Design

    Our processes are structured to design buildings of outstanding quality, suitable for their purpose, and employing the best materials and construction techniques.

  • Ideation

    At NDC, idea generation is an intuitive open-to-all process. Each idea is evaluated for its merits by weighing against the client requirements and to the fundamental principles of our design.

  • Collaboration

    Our collaborative approach ensures the involvement of right resources and inputs at the right time during the entire development life-cycle involving all  stakeholders.

  • Flexibility

    We optimize the building design employing BIM processes and latest tools to design and perform various analysis.

Aerial Digital Survey enables efficient mapping of large & difficult terrains using photogrammetry and LiDAR

Our focus is to design sustainaible and energy efficient spaces that are in harmony with the environment


Virtual Reality

We develop Virtual Reality solutions using Unity and Unreal gaming engines for various platforms such as HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard etc.

Low Poly 3D Modeling

We develop low poly 3D models which are essential to develop VR and AR products using gaming techniques

VR Game Development

We have an experienced team to develop games using Unity for HTC Vive platform.


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